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Your partner for innovation of all EDM die-sinking machines brands all around the world
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The present trend in electro-discharge machining places high demands on the machinery fleet. However, the purchase of new equipment is not the only way that a company can remain highly competitive.
Proč inovovat?

Why to innovate EDM die-sinking machines? Thanks to innovation you get:

  • Immediate 100% operation reliability.
  • Considerably lower investment demand; save up to 70% of the price of a new machine!
  • Top technical parameters obtained by using the most advanced generator technology ever designed.
  • Reduced production costs due to innovated technical parameters of the machine and savings on consumable material (especially graphite electrodes).
  • Modern operation panel with 15" touch LCD screen operating under Windows CE.
  • Option to add other machining axes; choice of our accessories available upon request.
Naše řešení

Our unique solutions:

  • We will diagnose the current condition of the EDM die-sinking machine.
  • We will assess which of the original machine components can be used.
  • We will fully deliver and install the most advanced electronics.
  • If needed, we will replace any damaged mechanical machine parts.
  • We will tailor the new electronics to the original mechanical part and motors.
  • We will optimize the operation of other accessories and actuators of the original die-sinking machines.
  • Throughout the modernisation, we will cooperate with the machine operator; this will also help improve the original machine.
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